Feedback: Non IT industry jobs

on Tuesday, September 21, 2010
I'm interested in hearing from folks who are
NOT working at a computer software or hardware development firm, but in some
other industry. I'd especially like to hear from people working (on a
contract or permanent basis) for:

* Banks or other financial institutions
* Universities, colleges, or school boards
* Canadian municipal government
* Hospital or other medical centres
* Insurance companies
* Environment engineering consultants

I'd like the information for an article I'm writing on the range of
job options out there that utilize technology but aren't necessarily IT jobs. I don't plan to identify any individual
or company by name, I'm not looking for corporate secrets either. Since
my experience is all in the computer industry, I mainly want to know what's
it's like working elsewhere.

What do you document (in-house software, policies and procedures,
regulations)? In what form (reference manuals, training materials, online
help, newsletters)? Who is your audience? Apart from writing (and the
implicit planning, researching, and editing), do you perform other major
tasks (training, UI design, customer support)? Do you have a more technical
or a more communications background, or really a combination of both? How
many other technical communicators work with you?

Don't feel obliged to answer all those questions, just whatever you feel
like sharing. Feel free to comment below, it will help anyone else reading this get a feel for what all is out there



Gaius Baltar said...

I unfortunately cannot answer any questions you have asked, but I will testify to the quality of the post!

Jehrin said...

I like these jobs, i wish I had a good one

Money said...

interesting blog, i like the jobs too

add me back

BLUERAD said...

Im trying to get a job at a bank right now, if I get hired, I will definitely let you know

Apex said...

I am at uni, so hopefully I will land a job in a Financial institution in a few years.

Anonymous College Student said...

Don't have a job :( sorry

Airmac said...

Student here, sharing some daily love, hit me back.

KasperPenge said...

you'll not want my answers then :b

Gaming Anon said...

i cant answer cuz i work on computer software >_<

JeevesTheHitman said...

I am also curious as to what it's like working outside the IT field.

thecatzpajamas said...

ugh im desperately looking for a damn job T_T

Kritikal said...

I just had an interview at a bank today, if I get hired I'll be sure to let you know =)

Muhunty said...

bank jobs are pretty ok.

Quinn Electronics said...

I would like to learn to play the piano and play the piano somewhere. That would be my dream job.

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